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building an encloser with building blocks

Dwaraknath Reddy Institutes for Knowledge

Our Institutes for Knowledge  

DRIK - Dwaraknath Reddy Institutes for Knowledge was established with a vision to ensure

that children and youth from urban poor and rural villages learned of their rights through an

innovative  and relevant curriculum specially developed to help transform communities through knowledge and action. 

The learning and education centers set up by DRIK revitalize the severed roots between the poor

and their inherent potential and strengths. DRIK promotes learning where deprived children

and youth understand their history and cultural heritage, learn traditional skills of their communities that are dying out, and are enabled to feel their self-worth by taking control of their lives, their environment and well being of their communities.


Recognizing the enormity of the challenges our society faces, DRIK’s efforts are driven by a singular

focus of embracing humanity and transforming communities investing in a variety of progressive

educational strategies.


DRIK’s programs are breaking the norms of formal teaching with an inclusive, innovative and

integrated rights-based learning approach in educating the poor. The mission is to ignite the spirit

of inquiry, creativity, and values through community rights-based education building leadership

in indigent children and youths.

“Education is what remains when one has forgotten what one learnt in School" - Albert Einstein 



Story of Mahalakshmi and Impact on Community 

The theme that influenced Mahalakshmi’s

action is the life story of ANTS AND BEES. Mahalakshmi was a young girl from DRIK - Knowledge Institutes. 


The idea of community togetherness, the strength of being united, the power of

disciplined and persevering action, leadership

of the queen bee, the mutual love and

respect equations that ants reflect hard work

and dedication, were all the values and

real-life lessons taught, linking it to the community they lived in. 

This awakened the spirit to emulate the

“Ants and the Bees”, and strive for unity and leadership within the children.

“Education is what remains when one has forgotten what one learnt in School" 

                                                                                                       - Albert Einstein 

"Four decades of work in India - in the slums of Bangalore, villages of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamilnadu has shown me that when our children, youth and women are encouraged to participate, think, debate, discern and speak for change, unshackle the fetters of silence against exploitation and  poverty, the communities are liberated and society is transformed.

Each child can make a difference.”


- Anita Reddy, Managing Trustee

Our Work 


Rights based education and relevant and needs oriented curriculum.


Widening horizons for the indigent communities


Sustainable learning and inspiring young minds – an initiative of DRRT, now under DRISHYA Foundation

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Cultural Empowerment Network to Invoke Inner Potential.


Art, Culture and Community Rights Come Together


A dynamic curriculum rooted in the inherent strengths of the local rural communities

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Development of Tribal Children


Children's Education Fund to empower with education


Widening horizons for the indigent communities

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Voices and Faces of the Change Makers

This holistic curriculum taught by our teachers provides the children with essential knowledge

and skills.  The students of DRIK feel deeply stirred by learning themes focused on

communities, social causes, key issues begin to recognize their calling to transform

themselves and their communities.


Read many such effective and transforming stories of DRIK children. 

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