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DRIK Drishya

DRISHYA, an education movement pioneered and established by the DRIK initiative of the Dwaraknath Reddy Ramanarpanam Trust, was set up as learning and activity centers in response to the need for innovative education for children living in urban slums of Bengaluru. 

DRISHYA learning centers address fundamental inequities by shifting the notion of a school from a fixed place to an open environment to learn and experience  subjects. DRISHYA channels knowledge and understanding created at many levels – physical, emotional, cognitive and 
psychological – in ways that interact together, that resulted in a holistic and
transformative educational experience for the students.

Drishya Students were not only taught basic reading, writing  and mathematical skills, but are also encouraged to think creatively and act
independently. The DRISHYA curriculum is
evolved with a focus that is realistic and socially responsible, derived through 
freedom of expression and thought.

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