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Skill Development 

Bringing alive children, women and youth's aspirations and to help them to get closer to their dreams for better livelihoods, we have created platforms for skills development on various fronts that could lead them towards self employment or jobs in performing art including dance, music, theater, music instruments etc, art and craft, computers, social entrepreneurship,and other business, accounting, management skills etc.  thus instilling self-confidence and self-awareness and livelihood opportunities.

Another area of skills development included exposure to various sport that led to youth becoming swimming, tennis, and other coaches earning good incomes.Other areas where they found jobs include for example: terracotta, computer techs, retail trade, driving skills, beauticians, product designers, tailoring and embroidery, trade and marketing, etc. All these have been achieved primarily through education beyond schooling, and through the Jeevanotsava platforms.

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