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Trapped within each child or youth is potential energy waiting to be unleashed. Without the right platform they often become misdirected, at times also leading to abuse and violence at homes and a perfect release has been through sports. For us sports have gone beyond laughter and gains which it primarily promotes, but also to team camaraderie, discipline and dedication and overall wellness including mindfulness.


Sports has indeed been used very innovatively in DRIK Jeevanotsava to link rural development with the Gandhian principles reflected in Hind Swaraj, to our traditional village games, and the soul and spirit of wellness that prevailed in the rural communities when games like kabbadi, or seven tiles etc excited children and youth alike encouraging healthy competitions and united village activities. Promoting such events did bridge the gap between the rural and urban segments also.


Sports has also given livelihood opportunities to some of our youth who pursued the different chances that were given especially in the field of swimming, tennis. athletics etc.

Teaching children yoga to create calm and strong minds,and to inculcate meditative spaces in their otherwise torn lives has also been part of all our efforts.



National Sports Day and Teacher's and Ch
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