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Art and Performing Arts

The thrust at DRIK JEEVANOTSAVA has been to generate awareness, stimulate mindfulness and nurture creative expression by holding camps during vacations, by networking different schools and communities throughout the year, and through public performances within communities or on larger stages using creative expressive forms.

Art and Craft

Art and Craft

Performing Arts

JEEVATMA was a concept launched for children and youth to come together to promote Justice, Equality, Empowerment and Values. Mindfulness, wellness of society, the power of a calm mind and the courage of having and living with convictions were all capsuled into plays with songs and dances to spread awareness amongst others.


Theatre, an important form is used to enact real life situations with inputs, themes chosen by the children. Storylines, dance sequences and music is written, produced specifically for the theme and integrated into the programs and the entire event is taken care by the children including, stage setups, costumes etc and the communities are solicited to take interest  in the process of learning.



Art and Craft

At DRIK we believe that sharpening the creative energies in every child and honing the talent of every youth is very critical. By giving opportunities for self-expression through different means and tools including art and craft became important part of our intervention.


In fact, every subject taught, every thought debated, every dialogue expressed takes expression through an array of colors and myriad hues on paper, cloth, glass or even waste.


Dharani Mandala Madhyadholage - 

In the center of the earth

As corrupt practices become rampant and the poor become victims of

exploitation and violence, this drama motivated children to instill belief in themselves and to fight all superstitious mindsets.


The drama was concluded with children taking a pledge to build a transparent, honest, accountable and just society.

Nela Samskruthi - Our Cultural Ethos

This cultural program was focused on creating awareness with a sense of responsibility in our youth who are walking on a tight rope stretched between the exposure to media, internet, television and mobile culture on one hand and, losing sight of our heritage, traditions and values that united us at one time,or another.

Aikyatheye Aishwarya - Unity Is  Wealth

Recent times are filled with disunity in the society, amongst people, lack of awareness on issues that lead to systematic corruption, corroding  values, disintegration of the national fabric that was carefully woven to win our freedom by our forefathers.


The barriers between the urban and rural scenarios that can be easily salvaged and corrected with unified effort by the people.

Kittura Kahale  - The Trumpet of  Kittora  

Kittura Rani Chennamma (queen of Kittur, a former princely state in Karnataka, India) had an honest freedom fighter called Sangoli Rayanna in her court, who stood by the values of righteousness and fought with courage to protect the queen from the British.


His name spelt fear for the exploitative British forces during wars. His story is told as part of Indian history to instill values of courage and sincerity in children.

Namma Hakkugalu  - Our Rights

This theme was chosen to empower children and youth with knowledge on the fundamental rights guaranteed to every citizen by the Indian constitution, reflecting on human rights as declared by the United Nations, building awareness on child rights and educating children on labour rights especially in context of  oppressive child labour, through songs, dance and drama.

Nammaya Kare Sundara Dhare - 

Our call to protect our beautiful planet earth

Amongst the most pressing global issues faced by humanity today is the degradation of our natural resources, environment, leading to problems of catastrophic dimensions in all human settlements.


Coupled with this, is corruption, lack of minimum amenities in slums & villages, and poverty & debt.


To stop exploiting our planet Earth indiscriminately, the call to all was to join hands and cry halt to this destruction.


Rights of a Girl Child 

Bhavri was amongst the first of the efforts made by DRIK Jeevanotsava for creating awareness through theater on the challenges posed by the issues of child marriage, gender discrimination, harassment  and oppression of Dalit women by upper caste men.


Bhavri, a drama based on a real life story of Bhanwari Devi , helped girls of rural villages of Chikkaballapur to think and act, to resist exploitation, and create awareness amongst their families and communities.

Nansada Kanasugalu 

Fulfilled Dreams

This program was conceived to inspire, motivate, and probe 

youth to dream big. As each child spoke of their dreams and aspirations they were exposed to other children's life stories and experiences to draw courage and wisdom in their hour of making life choices.


Youth are the biggest asset this country ever had and this program applauds their potential.


The Five  Elements - Air, Water, Earth, Fire and Sky

Building awareness on the five elements through various related topics, including conservation of nature, rain water harvesting, preservation of forests, rain replenishing nutrients to mother earth and sustainability of environmental issues. It was overwhelming to see active participation by the youth and children.

I value my grandmother 

This was an exciting program enacted in South Indian regional languages where the children discovered the history of India since independence through their grandmother's stories. 


They went an extra mile to document a comparative understanding of life over 7 to 8 decades regarding changing food habits, health conditions, gender issues etc.


They highlighted subjects such as quality of food we eat today vs. organic food cultivated in the villages in the past, the impact of this on health and poverty in the long run, and the  need for sharing  wider responsibilities by the system.

Manaviya Darpana 

A Reflection of Humane Values

Networking across hundred or more children one summer, a dance drama was scripted with children from each community portraying the essence of a single ‘value’ that they felt was essential for humane existence.


The survival-songs and dances revolved around dialogues on peace and harmony, caring and sharing, courage and wisdom, rights and responsibilities as members of an integrated community

Jaanapada Jhainkara

Folk Musings

Entertainment today influenced by social media, television, Bollywood forms of dance and Hollywood forms of super men and women, has lost the essentially ingrained flavor of our folk forms of art and expression.


Jaanapada, or the wise word spoken by people and for people since ancient days, passed down from generations has now become the forgotten word.


Reviving the wealth of heritage art, and culture, especially through folklore and other folk forms, the children and youth celebrated Jaanapada Jhainkara. (folk music, resonating sound) 

​The Victory of Good over Evil 


Our culture abounds with mythological stories that goad civilization to be righteous and conquer evil. In a simple yet powerfully performed drama written to celebrate the Dasara vacations, a ten headed monster depicting the evils that are swallowing us is replaced as each pot reflecting one evil head is replaced with another pot head depicting a good value.


The actual breaking of these pots and feeling a sense of goodness spread was palpable throughout out the process of this program capsule.

Jeevanotsava has stood for establishing the rights of the poor, the responsibilities we all have, the values we must all have, and ultimately be the change we want to see.


Engage to learn and network with us.

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